Science 1º ESO

1. The CELL
Vocabulary and Text exercises
Video and presentation exercises
Inside_my_body.ppt downloaded from
We will use Video 3 and the quiz in this page prepared by Lola Aceituno;

2. Animal classification:
Reading a Text
Activity: Classifying animals
Final Task

Videos from "How Stuff Works" to use to introduce or revise the lesson:
Vertebrates and invertebrates

3. Plants
I am a tree (Activity to do with the book from the “Who I am” series by Santillana Publishing, students visit the exhibition of posters of the story and answer the questions)

4. Climate Change and Global Warming
Vocabulary (print it and write the phonetics transcription before you photocopy the page for the students).
Slide Show on Global Warming to get it you have to choose "Find out Why" and then, click on "The quickest ever slideshow on global warming"
Text on Global Warming
Video and transcript
Energy Quiz(to be done with the whole class using the smart board or individually on the computers)

Blue Man Group video featured on "Earth To America!"

5. Minerals and Rocks
What are minerals? Vocabulary and text
What are minerals? ppt in pdfto revise the characteristics of minerals and rocks
Minerals: some descriptions
The Game
Rock Comprehension
River Processes